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Amazing Clay Refrigerator Keeps Food Cool Without Electricity

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The Mitti Cool Refrigerator uses zero electricity to keep your food cool. It works via evaporative cooling, and it’s pure genius!

We’ve seen coolers like this refrigerator before. The Zeer Pot (or Pot-in-Pot refrigerator) is one that uses the same scientific principles to keep food cool.


MittiCool Refrigerator


pot-in-pot refrigeratorclay pot cooler[1] or zeer (Arabicزير‎) is an evaporative cooling refrigeration device which does not use electricity. It uses a porous outerearthenware pot, lined with wet sand, contains an inner pot (which can be glazed to prevent penetration by the liquid) within which the food is placed – the evaporation of the outer liquid draws heat from the inner pot. The device can be used to cool any substance. This simple technology requires only a flow of relatively dry air and a source of water.”
SOURCE: Wikipedia

The obvious beauty of this appliance, besides the fact that it uses no electricity, is that it is inexpensive to produce, has no dangerous or harsh chemicals like traditional refrigerators, and it’s a kind of “All Natural Refrigerator”.

It’s literally made from earth.

How cool is that?

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