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Amazing DIY Penny Backsplash: This Use Of Copper Is Simply Stunning!

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This is an amazing example sent to us by Sydney Nix of her beautiful penny project and wonderful how-to video.  Enjoy and learn from her experience:

Penny backspash


backdrop before

Then it’s time to buy some “tiles”

new pennies

And Figure out what layout or pattern to design

penny patterns

penny patterns 2

penny patterns 3

penny patterns 4

penny patterns 5

Then stick them on with superglue… well that’s how they did it anyhow…


And a few pennies later…

begins work

It all begins to look quite amazing! A few coats of MinWax Polyurethane and you have a copper sheen that won’t fade!


Now Another Great How-To Penny Video:


Bottle Cap Table Top

Bottle Cap Poker Table