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20 Exquisitely Charming Rustic Cabins

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Do you have dreams of living off the grid in a little rustic cabin?  If so, you might find yourself browsing through cabin pictures more often than you’d like to admit (or maybe that’s just me).  

There’s just something undeniably appealing about getting back to basics,  residing in a cabin in the wilderness far from life as most of us know it.  For fellow cabin enthusiasts, here is a compilation of 20 gorgeous rustic cabins from around the world.

1. The watermill cabin

This amazing cabin sits aside a Bosnian river and used to be a watermill. The original mill owner’s son converted it into this gorgeous living space. via Cabin Porn

Watermill rustic cabin

Photo: Brice Portolano


2. Finland cabins with living roofs

Picture perfect cabins with living roofs grace the island of Seurasaari in Finland.  via Bernie Gourley

Cabins with living roofs in Finland

Photo: Bernie Gourley


3. Scott Newkirk’s off grid cabin

Yulan, New York interior designer Scott Newkirk designed this 300 square foot cabin as a summer retreat. We like this cabin so much, we devoted an article to it. Via New York Magazine

Off grid cabin in New York

Photo: Dean Kaufman


4. Off grid Carolina cabin

We wrote about this off grid Carolina cabin a few months ago. Built from reclaimed materials, it’s a beautiful small weekend getaway. Via Tiny House Swoon

Tiny cabin in Carolina

Photo: Maximillian Godino


5. Treehouse cabins

La Cabane Perchee (“cabins perched”) is a French company that designs, builds, and installs gorgeous rustic treehouses like this for clients around the world. 

Treehouse cabin

La Cabane Perchée

Treehouse cabin

La Cabane Perchée


6. Barn-style cabin

For something a little more upscale, check out this amazing barn-style cabin built by RMT Architects.

Barn-style cabin

RMT Architects

Rustic luxury cabin

RMT Architects


7. Bristol cottage

This adorable little cottage sits in the Blaise woods in Bristol. The top picture shows how the cottage looks now with a green metal roof. Below is how it looked before. 



8. Sod roof cabins in Norway

These charming old cabins with living roofs sit beside Lovetnet Lake in Norway. 



9. Virginia homestead cabin

This old homestead cabin can be found in Grayson Highlands State Park, Virginia. 

Craig Zerbe/Adobe Stock


10. Vermont writer’s retreat

Currently a rental in Vermont, this cozy little cabin was originally a writer’s retreat.  via Airbnb

Tiny Vermont cabin



11. A-frame cabin in the woods

Sometimes the simplest designs are the most appealing, like this A-frame cabin in the woods. 

Shane Cotee/Adobe Stock


12. Off grid Washington cabin

This little cabin in Point Roberts, Washington is full of modern amenities in a beautiful, off grid setting. It is also available for rent on Airbnb if you want to get away from urban life for a while. 

Off grid modern cabin

Gingerbread Cottage – Airbnb


Off grid tiny home

Gingerbread Cottage – Airbnb


13. Colorado mill cabin

This amazing structure is an old mill near the ghost town of Crystal, Colorado. Image via Blue City Photography.  The mill, built in 1892, is shown below during its functioning days.

John Fowler, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Old mill cabin

via Wikimedia Commons


14. Grand Canyon cabin

This rustic stone cabin sits at the bottom of the Grand Canyon at Phantom Ranch. It can be reached by mule, by foot, or by rafting the Colorado River. 

Grand Canyon National Park, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons


15. Cabin with blue accents

A splash of color with the blue door and trim makes this rustic cabin even more charming than it already is. 

goodmanphoto/Adobe Stock


16. Ghost town cabins in Montana

Bannack, Montana is a ghost town founded in 1862 when gold was discovered on Grasshopper Creek. Bannack is a state park today, and over 60 of its structures remain, like these.  



17. Sheepherder’s wagon

An old sheepherder’s wagon is converted to a tiny cabin getaway.  via Tagnrocky

Sheepherder's cabin

Photo: tagnrocky


18. Alps shepherd hut

In the Slovenian side of the Alps, this old shepherd cabin sits in a high meadow. 

Olja/Adobe Stock


19. Off grid Tahoe cabin

This 196 square foot cabin in Tahoe, California is completely off the grid and self-sustainable.  via Apartment Therapy

Off grid cabin in Tahoe

Photo: June Bhongjan


20. Norfolk thatched roof cottage

A unique off-grid tiny cottage with thatched roof sits by a lake in Norfolk. 

Helen Hotson/Adobe Stock

Rustic cabins

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