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Amazing Off Grid Tiny House has No Mortgage or Utility Bills

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This gorgeous off grid tiny house was designed and built from scratch by Ben Barthell of Shopdog.  Constructed on a 24 x 8.5-foot flatbed trailer, it is a beautiful example of comfortable living in a tiny space. The house has all the amenities of a larger house, but with the huge advantage of no mortgage or utility bills.


Ben Barthell | Shopdog

The house is completely off the grid, with all electricity provided by a self-contained solar system.  

Water is obtained by rain catchment and from a well on the property and is stored in the house in an onboard storage tank.  

Hot water to the kitchen and bathroom is heated by a tube solar heater that circulates water to a hot water tank.

The exterior of the house is finished with maintenance-free recycled steel sheets.


Ben Barthell | Shopdog

The full-sized kitchen includes a stove, fridge/freezer combo, and plenty of shelving to take advantage of vertical space for storage.


Ben Barthell | Shopdog

The bedroom also has tons of storage space, with closets at both ends of the queen-sized bed and drawers underneath the bed.


Ben Barthell | Shopdog

The bathroom is complete with a nice full-sized shower, sink/vanity combo, and composting toilet.  

All the greywater from the house is used for watering the gardens.


Ben Barthell | Shopdog

A small wood stove provides the majority of the heat to the home, supplemented by passive solar.


Ben Barthell | Shopdog

Modern, luxury living is absolutely attainable in a tiny space such as this, freeing up time and resources that would be used up on a larger home.

It is interesting that in this country we call these “tiny houses” when in most of the rest of the world my house would be a castle! so I like to call mine a “world house” For not really that much money, a small family with a modest income could thrive in one of these.