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Amazing Rustic Cabin Man Cave Built in Basement for $107

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Imagine turning a drab basement room into a beautiful man cave that looks exactly like the inside of a mountain cabin. That’s exactly what ‘oldblue‘ shared on Imgur. The results are incredibly impressive.  

This is the basement before:


oldblue | Imgur


Then he started on the walls.



oldblue | Imgur


Then added the stones for the fireplace and a beautiful wood floor.


oldblue | Imgur



Fake window overlooking beautiful mountain lake. Check!


oldblue | Imgur


Warm and cozy fireplace complete with cast iron coffee pot. Check!

No rustic cabin man cave is complete without a deer head and guns over the fireplace.


oldblue | Imgur


WOW! Just, wow! This is a man cave I could live in.

Source: $107 Rustic Cabin Man Cave I Built In My Basement