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Eating From Dumpsters: Brilliant Idea to Stop Grocery Store Food Waste!

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See all this beautiful food? It comes from dumpsters!


Rob Greenfield | Food Waste Fiasco

This is food that’s been rescued from dumpsters across America It was wastefully thrown away by grocery stores! This happens all too often. Grocery stores throw away literally, tons of food every single day.

Rob Greenfield is riding his bike across country to call attention to the extreme wastefulness of grocery stores, and the food that could go to feed the hungry.

“Every time I open a dumpster there’s food in it.  Time after time I am finding grocery stores dumpsters filled to the brim with perfectly good food.  I’m not going to stand for that anymore!” Rob Greenfield

“By eating from dumpsters during his cycling tour across America, activist Rob Greenfield is hoping to draw attention to, and find solutions for, food waste.” Rob Greenfield

“…we are [throwing] away enough food to feed every hungry American five times over!…” Rob Greenfield


Rob Greenfield

There is no excuse for this kind of food waste. Especially when so many people are going hungry. It is a complete travesty that this is allowed to happen.

So. Instead of allowing it to continue unheeded, Rob Greenfield has issued an ingenious challenge.

He’s calling out the grocery stores!

I‘m calling for a citizen patrol to call out wasteful grocery stores!  Simply go to dumpsters with your smart phone and take a picture or video if you find a lot of food.  Upload the media and tweet, Facebook, or gram it at the wasteful company with #DonateNotDump.  Let them know we are not ok with them wasting precious food.  Food is life and life is too good to be thrown into a dumpster!”

It’s brilliant. Take pictures of all the wasted food. Post it online for all to see. Letting the world see the absolutely inexcusable food waste that happens all over this country on a daily basis. What better way to call attention to it, than to publish photos of all that food waste online!? I can think of no better way.


Rob Greenfield

Personally, I’m of the opinion grocery stores should be fined for throwing away food like that. But that’s a negative way to look at it. The beauty of Rob’s idea is that it’s so simple, and will show the world, visually how much food is wasted.

Once the first images are passed around the internet I think grocery stores will be forced through sheer embarrassment and public outcry to change their idiotic policies of throwing perfectly good food away.