Who says you can’t have an abundant garden in a tiny yard?  GardenWeb forum user Ben (bencjedi) shows exactly how he uses buckets, raised block beds, and a livestock panel to grow a gorgeous garden in a very small space.  A livestock panel works perfectly as a trellis for plants that like to climb or need support, like tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, and melons.  The arched trellis also gives the garden a decorative touch.  These galvanized livestock panels can usually be bought for less than $30 at hardware or livestock supply stores, and can often be found even cheaper (or for free) from places like Craigslist.


After anchoring the panel with T-posts, Ben planted cucumbers and peas in the ground along one edge and placed potted tomatoes on the inside of the arch.  On the other side, he built a raised bed out of free cinder blocks and bricks obtained from a dump site near his house.  He filled the raised bed with a compost and topsoil mix.


Buckets were used as additional planters around the edges of the raised bed and trellis – a great way to add more plants while saving space, without having to dig up more ground.