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Simply Dazzling Indoor Aquaponic System

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This beautiful indoor aquaponics system was designed by N.I. Teijin Shoji as a therapeutic, food-growing display. The cylinder-shaped tank contains ornamental tropical fish and the base acts as a planter that can grow fresh food or flowers.  

This system is simple and compact, yet a stunning example of how an aquaponics system can add an amazing artistic display piece to any indoor space while growing healthy, organic foods.


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The designers developed the cylindrical shape of the system for beauty and safety, eliminating corners and creating all smooth surfaces.


Like other aquaponic systems, the aquarium and planter in this one are connected by pipes to create a closed-loop system where the fish and plants thrive symbiotically.  

Waste from the fish is consumed by the plants, so they grow large and healthy from the natural fertilizer and the aquarium stays cleaner since the waste is being utilized. The plants sit in a floating cover in the base that can hold enough plants to create a fairly large indoor garden in a small area.


The lighting at the top of the system makes a beautifully appealing light source for any room or business but also enhances the look of the fish.  

In addition, the lighting acts as a grow light for the plants.


This beautiful setup was created as a display to help spread the idea of aquaponics in Japan, where it is not widely known. The concept is to show others how a system like this could be utilized in nursing homes, restaurants, and hospitals, as well as in homes.


“Currently, we’re using lettuce, but flowers can also be grown. We expect this system will be used in cafes that feature organic vegetables or relaxing themes, and in nursing homes, hospitals, and the like.  If people who can’t get outside easily can plant vegetables indoors, we think it could be therapeutic.”


This system can be purchased for 300,000 yen (approximately $3,800). Those not wanting to spend quite as much on an aquaponic system can use this gorgeous example as inspiration for a DIY setup.

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