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Beautiful Spacious Shipping Container Home w/Living Roof Garden

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Not long ago, the idea of using a shipping container as a home seemed impractical, if not laughable. But these bulky steel containers are quickly becoming a popular option for housing. They aren’t always pretty, but they are extremely versatile, relatively easy to transport, and exceptionally durable.  

Shipping containers can be used much like building blocks to create anything from small, studio-sized homes to extravagant conglomerations of several containers.


We love seeing the beautiful creations that people are making from shipping containers, and this one from Poteet Architects is a perfect example.  It’s hard to believe this gorgeous guest house was once used to haul freight.

Every aspect of this home is exceptionally and artistically detailed, from the awning over the front porch to the beautiful lighting, the bright colors, and the garden on the roof.

The floor-to-ceiling windows allow plenty of natural light to enter the home. Wood-paneled walls and wood flooring give the home a clean, open look. The interior is furnished in a nice mix of rustic and modern fixtures.



While this home was built as a guest house, it would work just as well as the main house for an individual or couple, an office or studio, or as an off grid weekend getaway house.  See more images of this stunning home at Poteet Architects.


Beautiful Spacious Shipping Container Home w:Living Roof Garden | Rental History Repair

Wednesday 15th of November 2017

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Beautiful Spacious Shipping Container Home w/Living Roof Garden -

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Saturday 9th of September 2017

How do these hold up under hurricanes tornadoes ad earthquakes?