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Big Sky Solar Powered Stone Earthship is Off Grid Living Perfection in Montana

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Earthships are homes built to use the Earth’s natural resources in the most efficient manner possible, effectively turning your home into a practical tool to live in. Not to mention, they’re gorgeous!

Earthship Big Sky Montana

Seven Directions

The home is designed to provide not only shelter, but water, food, and energy through an ingenious combination of water catchment, storage, and usage, along with efficient use of solar and wind power systems.

The home is also designed to be energy efficient in that it stores thermal energy naturally, storing heat during the day, and releasing it at night to keep the home warm at night and cool during the day.

Stone Earthship

Seven Directions

“…Seven Directions is working to develop a line of homes based on Michael Reynolds’ vision of sustainable living and architecture. Homes Based on Earthship Biotecture will operate independently from public utilities, while maintaining all the comfort and amenities of a modern home. Power is generated through solar and wind systems. Water is captured from rain and snow, and recycled through food producing gardens. Climate is comfortably managed year round by the structure’s ability to store and release heat…” ~Seven Directions 






Earthships are fully functional homes that literally provide you with everything you need to live off the grid in style and comfort, and best of all, they do it efficiently and with as little impact on the environment as possible.

In fact, Earthships are one of the few types of homes that are actually good for the Earth.

I personally would be proud to live in an Earthship like this.

Wouldn’t you?


via: Seven Directions 

Based on Michael Reynolds Earthship designs

Seven Directions: Big Sky Earthship Build 2013 from Outlaw Partners on Vimeo.