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Use Pavers to Create a Charming Kitchen Garden

Use Pavers to Create a Charming Kitchen Garden

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Sharon of Roses & Rust created this beautiful little kitchen garden using a grid of concrete pavers.  I love this idea for so many reasons.  The pavers space out the plants and create a sense of order in the garden.  They also make convenient stepping stones for tending to and harvesting the plants.  A mixture of herbs and vegetables between the pavers provides diversity and visual appeal throughout the growing season.


Sharon planted her garden around the edge of the pool because it is the part of her yard that gets the most sun and it is a high-traffic area, so it is hard to neglect the plants.  I think this is a gorgeous, practical, and inexpensive way to landscape this area, beautifying the space while growing food at the same time.


Using trellises, even a climbing bean plant like this can be contained in a small area, given room to grow vertically.


This idea could also work well around a backyard pond, along a walkway or patio, around trees, or as a decorative element in a yard.  Annual or perennial flowers could be interspersed amongst the vegetables and herbs to create even more visual appeal and color.  Beautiful!

Images via Roses & Rust

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