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89 Year Old Veteran Invents “Bladeless” Bird Friendly Wind Turbine

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89 year old military veteran Raymond Green of Catching Wind Power has designed a bladeless wind turbine that practically eliminates the danger to birds and other wildlife that traditional commercial wind turbines pose.

The wind turbine technically speaking isn’t bladeless because the blades are housed inside the windsock. The unit is completely self-contained and slightly cone-shaped.

This shape compresses the air and allows the turbine to turn at lower wind speeds. It’s also very quiet because all moving parts are contained inside the unit. This helps reduce the sound produced and also mostly eliminates the danger to birds caused by traditional open bladed wind turbine designs.

Catching Wind Power Bladeless Wind Turbine

Catching Wind Power

“Our design does not have any external moving parts to hit the birds,” writes Green on his website. “Our unit is easy to see so the birds can avoid it, and all moving parts are internal. The blades are mounted behind the windsock and inner compression cone, therefore making them nonaccessible to birds. Also, our turbines make virtually no noise.” Raymond Green – Catching Wind Power


Raymond Green | Catching Wind Power



“CWP is an early-stage company and has patents in the USA, which were granted on 02/13/2007 and 03/16/2010. The company also has patents in New Zealand, Australia, China and 27 countries in Europe. These patents and IP will become major assets of the company. CWP products will have numerous applications such as military and remote installations; these systems have global market appeal. 
Sigma and Raymond Green are forming an investment team to bring the product to market. 

Catching Wind Power’s Patented, Inner Compression Cone Technology, squeezes the incoming air and compresses it, creating more power at the turbine.

Our turbines are compact, lightweight, and portable. But can also be made for industrial/commercial uses.

They are bird and bat safe. There are no exposed blades to injure or kill our flying friends. 

Our turbines are safe, silent and economically and environmentally sound.”

Kudos to Mr. Green for helping our planet go green, while also saving our wildlife.

Update 2022: Mr Green has retired and is no longer working on bringing his wind turbine to market. Hopefully, others can follow his example and move forward with something similar to his innovative design. 


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