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Incredible Folding Picnic Table!

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This folding picnic table is probably the coolest thing you’ll see all day. Imagine having a few of these for when you have a fish fry or grilling party at your off grid homestead.

These are perfect for those impromptu picnics and family outings, tailgating parties, and events. The whole thing folds up into a tiny little space, is easily stored, and has wheels so it’s easily transportable.

This was built by Izzy Swan on YouTube. Check it out below. 

Magic Folding Picnic Table

Izzy Swan | YouTube

“This is a short video of my new Folding picnic table design. I have plans and build video up on my website” – Izzy Swan on Youtube

If you like this folding picnic table and would like to build one yourself, you can purchase plans here:!menu/ch8j

This is by far one of the coolest little picnic table designs this author has seen in a long time. It’s so perfect and so cute, practical, stable and sturdy. I’m going to have to try to build one for sure, and if that doesn’t work, then maybe I’ll hire Izzy Swan to build one for me.

Great little table!