Colorful Solar Powered ‘Ravenlore’ Tiny House is Built to be Off Grid

Colorful Ravenlore Tiny House

Spectacularly colorful tiny house is 176 square feet of off grid, solar powered perfection. Looking at this super colorful pink and purple tiny house one would think it comes straight out of a Disney movie. Perhaps one of the coolest feature of the house is the solar panels . The roof was designed specifically to fit the panels, and the colorful shingles staggered to give it a fun checkerboard pattern. Few tiny houses come equipped with solar panels like this, and it’s refreshing to see how nice a job they did on this build. The interior is just as beautiful and functional.

Colorful Ravenlore Tiny House

It’s 22′ long by 8′ wide and weighs about 13,500 lbs. Something unique about it, too, is that it sits on a 4 axle trailer. And it also has a built in solar system.”

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Walk into Nicki’s colorful Ravenlore built by Tiny Green Cabins:
Tiny Green Cabins delivered her house finished for just under $60,000.
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