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Conqueror Makes the Ultimate Off Grid Self-Sufficient Camper for Outdoor Adventures

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How’s this for an off grid camper!? The Australian Conqueror is perhaps the ultimate self sufficient off grid outdoor camper. Complete with a kitchen, storage shelves, bed, tent, and pantry. It even has a built in kitchen sink! This camper is great for the outdoor adventurer and travelers who want to get out and away from the daily grind. But it’s also perfect for us off gridders who want the convenience of having your shelter, kitchen and bed right there with you in a compact and easily transportable system.


“UEV stands for Urban Escape Vehicle and looks like it can reach the most remote areas of the planet. It has a small kitchen with a two-burner stove and a double sink, and compartments for storing everything a kitchen needs. With luxuries such as the diesel hot water system, interior heating, air-conditioning, microwave, shower, fridge and even a DVD player, UEV440 seems to be a dream come true for off-road campers. ~ Inhabitat


The camper folds out to reveal everything you need to have a great weekend camping, go off grid for long durations on expeditions or even go nomad and travel the world.



Conqueror Australia

Solar power, plenty of storage inside, and it easily expands into a larger shelter. 


Conqueror Australia


This is by far the most well-thought-out camper trailer for the real outdoorsman and off gridder that we have seen to date!

Who wants one!?


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