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Live Off the Grid Rent-Free in the Charming Wohnwagon Mobile Caravan

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The Wohnwagon is a cute little solar-powered off-grid tiny house with its own solar power system, battery energy storage and a travel trailer all rolled into one.

The roomy interior and rustic exterior combine to provide a modern but traditional look and feel to mobile living. This is a German version of the tiny house movement which is happening all over the world and in the USA. It has a retractable porch and pullout beds and storage inside.

This is the perfect caravan for a nomadic lifestyle. Prices range from 40,000 to 90,000 euros. Though pricey by American standards, it does provide everything you need to go on perpetual adventures across the country.

Taking your home with you where ever you go, while also having a tiny footprint that fits well into a parking space. The Wohnwagon is one of the finest examples of ingenuity in the tiny house/caravan movement. According to their website and Google translate, Wohnwagon means “The Living Wagon” and that name fits perfectly.







Visit Wohnwagon to see more images and read more about this beautiful home. 

Who wants one?