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Custom Cargo Van With Nautical Touch Makes A Great Tiny Home On The Go

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Some people just feel a need to be on the go and don’t seem to like being in one place for too long. I can’t blame them, after all, there is so much to see just in the U.S. alone, let alone the greater world around us. While some fill this need with road trips every couple of years, for others, having the ability to just pick up and go at the drop of a hat is the only way to live.

For many, an RV can help as it provides many of the comforts of a standard home while also being mobile, but RVs do have some drawbacks. They are often expensive to operate and maintain. Fuel alone can put a big dent in your budget, and depending on their size, you may not be able to take them to some of the more out-of-the-way and unique locations that catch your attention while on the road.

On top of that, there are more than a few such folks who have also been bitten by the tiny house bug, and while we see quite a few tiny homes that are mobile, often attached to a trailer frame so they can be easily towed from location to location, many aren’t truly intended to be constantly on the go.

Well, there is a company in the UK that seems to have a perfect product for this niche market. They convert cargo vans into truly mobile tiny homes. This Moving House builds custom vans that have kitchens, and sleeping areas, and utilize design features more common to boats, to make the most of the very limited space.

These are designed for those truly on the go, who place more priority on mobility. The driver seat and passenger seats are swivel-style captain’s chairs to become two dining room chairs when parked (or simply to be more social with the passengers when parked and camped for the night.

There is a small built-in table, and a 3 tiered, staggered, sleeping area, that makes the most of the small space and even has some storage, but it lacks a bathroom or shower, which puts it into the “camper” category more than a tiny home for some. But we have seen plenty of tiny homes that lack these features as well.

This idea wouldn’t be for everyone, and it would probably be better suited as a camper for most people but if you are the type who can’t sit still, there are certainly worse ways to live on the road!