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Ark Shelter Provides 60k Modular Off Grid Cabin/Tiny Home With Style

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If you are considering going tiny and looking for the home of your dreams, this may be one of the best times to make the move. With the movement being as popular as it is, there are more and more companies who are providing their services to help or fully build tiny homes for clients.

These can be more expensive custom builds that reach into the six figures or newer technology-driven models that can be 3D printed for around 10k. In a sort of in-between there are also modular units that come in sections that you or a contractor then assemble on the site of your choosing and it seems there are more options coming every day.

One of the modular options is a stylish black tiny home with large windows for natural light from Ark Shelter. The unit comes in sections, and while the outside is black, the inside is light tone natural wood.

The modular design allows you to decide on the size of your tiny home, and by having large windows, or even an entire wall as a window, you will get plenty of natural lighting.

The cost is right around 60k for a basic setup, and at that price, it even comes fully furnished including appliances and utensils, which means it is pretty much living ready on day one when it is completed.

It includes a kitchen, a bathroom, a table with two chairs, and a platform bed adjacent to one of the large picture windows. This seems like a pretty interesting option for either a tiny home or an off grid cabin.