Gorgeous Portable Solar Powered Home Can be Moved Anywhere

This is a new version of the modular or mobile homes of the past. It is a very modern prefab home.  The unit is movable via a crane which can place it almost anywhere. Even on the top of a hill or elevated platform, for better views of the local sunset. It is very well insulated and solar powered, ready for off grid placement. It will blend in with nature and can be moved if necessary, some local codes allow this type of living space when others are not allowed at all.


Forest-Lodge-by-PAD-studio-5-2 Forest-Lodge-by-PAD-studio-7-3


Looking at this modern beauty can give some idea of what is possible in your off grid castle, you can customize your home in unbelievable ways. Huge windows can still be energy efficient, a modern home can be made portable and very comfortable. The sky is the limit, well might be the limit , we can probably go higher.

Click the link below to get a better look at what is possible in modern prefab homes.