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Grow 600 Plants in 36sqft Hydroponic Vertical Garden System

Grow 600 Plants in 36sqft Hydroponic Vertical Garden System

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Here’s how to grow 600 plants in a 36 square foot area. This is a vertical garden that employs a high-density grow system that maximizes the use of space. Taking a 36 square foot ground area and growing vertically accomplishes two major things. It stacks grow space row by row over 6 feet high, thereby more than quadrupling the grow space. It also increases the growing density by planting up to 8 plants where normally just one would grow. It’s called the Ez Gro Garden.


This particular system is a non-penetrating system, so it just sits on the ground,” Johnson said. “It could be put on a rooftop, a parking lot, indoors or outdoors—just about anywhere to produce food. There’s pretty much no exception what you can grow in these things. Read more at:

The beauty of this system is that a grower can have at least 600 plants in a 2-feet by 18-feet space. If  this were in a field situation, that number of plants would have been a 300-foot row in length.

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EZ Gro Garden

Time Lapse Video Of Growing