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How Much Does It REALLY Cost To Go Off Grid?

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How much does it really cost to go off grid? $100k is a good amount. $150k is still reasonable. There’s a common misconception that living off grid is cheaper, or will cost less money. Sure, you’ll save money by living off the grid. Eventually… That’s the thing people seem to misunderstand.



So… How much does it really cost? Well, that really depends on what your goals are. Many folks can live without amenities, and “go primitive”. Other people will need more amenities and even what some would consider luxuries. Some people have children, and children need to have stability. They need things that adults do not. All of these things need to be considered.

It takes money to make the move off grid. Money to buy the land. Money to buy the equipment. The solar panels, wind turbines, batteries, charge controllers, inverters, lumber, nails, screws, tools, and even the seeds to plant your garden. $100k is a reasonable price to pay, and in fact, is very very low compared to many of the properties and homes out there on the market.

I see people every day saying that a $25k log cabin is “too much” or “too expensive”. Or $50k to $60k is too much for a tiny house or shipping container home.

No offense, but $50k is a very reasonable price for something like that. Typical homes cost $250k in your average suburban neighborhood. For that kind of money, you can have a king’s palace off grid. IF you are wise with your purchases. Do your homework. Find the best price. Find the best land capable of supporting your homestead.

Off grid necessities

Expect to pay $50k to $100k for your land and $50 to $100k for your home INCLUDING the solar and wind power system. That’s just the way it is. Labor and materials and equipment. Those are your next biggest expenses.

Solar systems cost from $5000 for a 1500Watt system to $25k or more for a 3500Watt system, on average. Most of this cost can be financed and there are government tax credits that will help alleviate some of the cost burden.

Septic, concrete foundation, and permitting can run $25k to $50k alone.

Labor cost (if you don’t build it yourself) can be double your materials cost or more.

Impact fees, hookup fees, survey fees, plat fees, permitting, title searches, insurance, and other closing costs and commissions can all add to the overall cost to get your off grid homestead.

$100k for land and home is a bargain. It’s a great bargain especially when one considers that you must generate your own power and water and food and the expense that takes to purchase.

This is not to discourage you or anyone from going off grid. It’s merely an example of just some of the expenses that are incurred in making that move. It’s a reality check if you will, and it’s designed to let you know, even though it’s more expensive than most people think, it’s still possible.

This isn’t to say you couldn’t do this a minimalist way, sell all your belongings and get a tiny house. But it does still take time and money.

We can do it. It’s possible. It’s rewarding. And it’s a lifestyle change that can be fulfilling and make you a happier person.

Just realize it’ll probably be a bit more expensive in the short term and take a little longer than you think.


Happy homesteading!