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Grow Your Own Food With an Off Grid Farm in a Box

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Going off-grid has a myriad of challenges, and this can be compounded for those who are looking to do so on a larger scale, such as an entire community.

Aside from providing power, water, sewage, and the other basic services many are accustomed to, there is also the issue of being able to grow enough food to be able to provide for everyone or at least make a big enough dent to reduce the need for any outside assistance.

“Each unit will support 2 acres of land and feed up to 150 people a complete diet every year.”

Enter Farm-From-A-Box offering up a solution with, well, a farm from a box. They provide all that you need to get started farming in a 20-foot shipping crate.

This isn’t just a bunch of seeds and some shovels though; this is a sustainable, green, off-grid compatible system that combines what you would imagine from something called Farm-From-A-Box and cutting edge technology to keep you going, reduce emissions, increase yields, and track your progress along the way.

The kit includes solar panels, water purification, a seedling house to help you get a proper start, micro-irrigation drip system, Wi-Fi, and cloud connectivity to help with the monitoring and apps that help guide your efforts and more. 

Even farming off-grid doesn’t have to mean resorting to primitive techniques, as this system combines the best of the basics with some of the best in current technology to maximize your output along with options that can be tailored to your specific needs and climate.


Farm From a Box


For those looking into an off-grid community, this is certainly something to consider adding to your toolbox of sustainability.