LAND: The Foundation of Life



These are the necessities. The four pillars of life. However, one also needs a foundation on which to erect these pillars.

That foundation is land. But there is a paradoxical dilemma. You can’t have shelter without a job. The fact is with land you can make it part of your job. You can live and work on the land. Sell your services, crafts, livestock, or high tech skills. Go to school online, take online courses to expand your knowledge and skill-set.

In ancient times people would simply pick a piece of land and use the materials available to build themselves a shelter. Depending on the abundance of materials available it was either an earthen, stone or log home, or a combination of the three. Stone, mud/clay brick, trees and certain grasses were really the only resources from which to build shelters.

In modern times there is an abundance of materials to build with. But there is still one thing that most people do not have the ability to purchase, or have access to. Land.

If you had land do you think you could build a home for your family using the resources available on that land or recycled and reused from construction sites and rubbish heaps? Sure you could.

Problem is over time, people have gobbled up most of the prime land. All that is left is land that people don’t usually want. And even that is owned by someone whether that is a private citizen, large company, or local/state/federal government.

Even if you have no money, no resources,  if you have or can acquire a small piece of land, you can usually build some kind of shelter either from the earth, trees or recycled materials you can recover from discarded building materials. Materials that usually are perfectly fine to build with.

Land is the foundation for living that will usually supply you with the four pillar on which to build you life. Shelter, water, food, and a job. You become a cultivator, farmer, craftsman, and with high technology there are hundreds of jobs you can do online.

Without land you have nowhere to go. So, go get some LAND!

Save up, sell your stuff, get donations from friends and family, pool your money and resources, and buy as much land as you can afford.

Now is the time.