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Modular Cardboard Buildings Can Last Up To 100 Years

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Over the years people have actually made some interesting things out of cardboard. Bicycles, boats, bridges, and now one company has designed and is selling modular homes built from layers of corrugated cardboard.

By layering the cardboard and creating a “wrap” from it, they can combine more and more layers around a frame to make their small module houses. Wikkelhouse, by Dutch design firm Fiction Factory, says their homes can last up to 100 years, need no foundation, and due to the corrugated cardboard wrapped layers, have premium insulation properties as well.

The basic design is described as a “micro-home”, but because of its modular design, the size is really up to the homeowner and their budget.

Currently, the houses are only available in a limited number of European countries, but the concept is certainly intriguing and they are designing an off grid specific model for the near future.

The design only takes a day to assemble, and because it is lightweight and can be taken apart again, they are easy to relocate.

The interior is lined with a simple plywood material that by the looks of it is more aesthetically pleasing than what you would normally pick up at the local hardware store, giving it a warm tone. They have other markets they hope to move into and new designs and features in the works, so you may want to keep an eye on this company.  

This design could certainly find a niche in the tiny house movement, off grid living communities, or even as office space, guest housing, and a variety of others uses.