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Some Areas Passing Laws That Target Tiny Homes and Off Grid Living

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Tiny homes are more than just a trend on cable television, they are an attractive option for young people looking into owning a home without adding to their debt, which with college, could already be substantial, retirees who are looking to downsize and be more mobile in their golden years, and of course, to those who are looking to live off grid and be more self sufficient.

There are numerous benefits that come with tiny homes, they are cheaper, they can be mobile, they can be fully powered by solar or wind for a fraction of the cost of traditional homes and even if tied to the grid they are still cheaper to heat and cool than larger homes.


There are downsides of course too. The lack of space may take some getting used to, you need to get creative to maximize your living and storage space and you don’t have room to keep as many material possessions are most have grown accustomed to. However, the biggest downside doesn’t have anything to do with the tiny homes themselves but rather the laws in many parts of the country. More areas are passing laws that target tiny homes by creating zoning laws that restrict homes under a certain square footage, or that ban homes on trailers or with wheels.

One of the more troubling trends is the effort to force all homes to be connected to the grid though. These efforts can impact more than just tiny houses and they often apply well outside of city limits. The corporate and utility interests rely on people consuming more and more, and they also depend on your consumption of the power that they, until recently, had a monopoly on. Now that off grid living and tiny homes are growing in popularity, some are seeing them as a threat and with their influence, they are often able to impose their will in local and state law.