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New Off Grid Flat Pack Cabin Assembles Like Ikea Furniture

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One of the most important aspects of going off grid is having shelter. In fact, it is one of our basic needs that we learn about in grade school, and while far too many are surviving without a place to call home, if you are planning on moving off grid there could be a new option in the near future.

Vancouver’s Leckie Studio Architecture + Design is currently working on a flat-pack cabin that you would assemble similar to furniture from places like Ikea. They plan to offer them from tiny home sizes of around 200 square feet to larger sizes that are 937 square feet and in multiple configurations to suite your needs.

The initial plans are for two base styles, a Backcountry model line, which would be more of a cabin or seasonal home (think hunting or fishing camp), and a Frontcountry model line that would be intended for use as a permanent home

They will be manufactured by the Backcountry Hut Company and will be modular designs that you can add to and configure based on your personal needs and situation.

Each unit is also designed with the idea of going off grid and can be outfitted with a solar power system, and come with composting toilet options as well. With a modular design based on the idea of easy assembly, you can also avoid needing a team of builders if you and a few friends are the handy type. These could become a great off grid home option as the movement continues to grow.