Off Grid Organic Farm & Workshop is Sustainable Living Paradise


Living off the grid in Oregon is sustainable living paradise. You don’t see many of these stories around, and when you run across one that inspires, it’s even more rare. Brian Schulz hand built the buildings modeling them after Japanese architecture. Brian’s off grid farm is completely off the grid, and doesn’t rely on propane (some off gridders’ “dirty little secret”) or other non-sustainable fossil fuels for energy.

If you need inspiration to get you motivated to finally make the move to live off grid, then this is is my friends. Brian’s farm and workshop are personally very similar to my own dream of how I’d like to set up my off grid homestead. He’s got a lot of great ideas, and has thought of a few things I haven’t.

You owe it to yourself to watch this great video, documenting one of the best solar powered sustainable organic farms I’ve ever seen.


Truly inspirational.

Be sure to check our Brian’s link below, and visit the website for more great off grid related videos and articles!


Schulz is an avid kayaker and for his day job, he builds skin-on-frame kayaks (as well as teach others to build their own).

Cape Falcon Kayak:

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