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Grow Fantastic Vegetables With Inexpensive Homemade Potting Mix

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Earlier this week we wrote about a sub-irrigated grow bag gardening method from Larry Hall that has produced some amazing results for the people who have tried it. Larry also has great success with other gardening methods, and he attributes that partly to his homemade potting mix.  

This mix is simple to make and much cheaper than buying bagged potting mix from the store. It is also very effective for growing large, healthy plants.


Larry Hall | YouTube

To make Larry’s mix, combine the following in a wheelbarrow:

2 five-gallon buckets full of sphagnum peat moss
1 five-gallon bucket full of aged horse manure, compost, or worm castings
1 and 1/2 cup garden lime
1 large coffee can full of perlite
1 handful of Epsom salts

Mix well and use for any type of container gardening.  

Garden plants grow wonderfully in this mix, and if you use a lot of potting mix for your gardening, it saves a ton of money over buying the same quantity of bagged mix.


Larry Hall | YouTube


Larry Hall | YouTube

See Larry’s video for details on why this mix works so well, along with plenty of proof from his own garden. We are all for saving money while growing an abundance of food!