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Permaculture: Companion Planting Guide Chart [FREE PDF]

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Ever wondered what plants you can plant with what plants? Can you plant grapes and tomatoes together? Or how about potatoes and carrots? This handy and simple planting guide will let you know at a glance, what plants and crops you can plant together. It will give some great ideas on how to further grow you garden and have higher crop yields, while also teaching you some core principles of Permaculture gardening design.

companion planting chart permaculture designIDEP’s Companion Planting Guide
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IDEP is a local Indonesian NGO based in Bali – Indonesia, founded in 1999, that develops and delivers training, community programs and media related to sustainable development through Permaculture, and Community-based Disaster Management. Our strong competence in educational media development supports the implementation of education programmes for children (learnscapes), local communities and global audiences. 

Our work covers 4 areas and makes up what we call the ‘Cycle of Resilience’:


via: Permaculture Research Institute