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Portable Off Grid Cabin With Built-In Rainwater Collection System

Portable Off Grid Cabin With Built-In Rainwater Collection System

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This prefab luxury off grid sustainable cabin was made by Ark Shelter, a a group of architecture students turned entrepreneurs. The design is simple, yet elegant and luxurious. It looks amazingly comfortable and is portable, capable of being shipped just about anywhere in the world. Setup is easy and efficient, though you will have to rent a crane to place the unit. There’s no word on price,  but the unit comes equipped with rainwater collection (which seems to be coming standard on tiny houses and manufactured off grid cabins like this). At a little less than 100 square feet it’s small, but it looks very cozy. It has a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom packed into this space. It also has a nice little wood burning stove to keep you nice and warm during cold winters.

Ark Shelter Off Grid Cabin
Ark Shelter

I could very easily and comfortably live in something like this. It’s design is rather boxy (sleek), so it’s probably not suited for trailering or hauling if you’re thinking about making it mobile, but it’s probably possible.

Ark Shelter
Ark ShelterOff-grid-cabin-by-Ark-Shelter-6-1-1020x610
Ark Shelter
Ark ShelterOff-grid-cabin-by-Ark-Shelter-9-1-1020x610
Ark ShelterOff-grid-cabin-by-Ark-Shelter-12-1-1020x610
Ark ShelterOff-grid-cabin-by-Ark-Shelter-13-1-1020x610
Ark Shelter
Ark Shelter


– Weight: 9 tons
– Dimensions: in m ( H/ L / W ) 3,2 / 9,2 / 3 (with closed windows) in feet ( H / L / W ) 10,8 / 30 / 9,8
– Living space: 20,2 m2 , bathroom 2,5 m2, shelter 28 m2 without terraces.
– Foundations: 8 point light foundations / prefabricated plates /
– Heating: fireplace + additional electric system
– Ventilation: electrical ventilation for the bathroom and toilet
– Sewage : case by case / 3 main types : 1., normal connection to sewage 2., septic tank 3., chemical toilet/

Source: Ark Shelter

All in all it looks very nice. The simplicity and minimalism is not lost on us. I personally love the contemporary look and feel. Glamping might not be for everyone, but luxury certainly has it’s good points and this is one of them.

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