Protect Your Local Pollinators With A DIY Bee Watering Station

If we want our plants to have lots of sex, we need to give bees all the help they can get. Bees are the third party gamete delivery service for millions of plant species across the globe, and especially those plants that feed our exploding population. Just like about every other living thing on our planet, bees need water, and getting that water can be troublesome for little flying creatures that taste good to birds and fishes and don’t really swim well. Bees can easily drown if there’s nothing to stand on near the water source and natural waterways hold the threat of predation. This is old news in the world of the humble bee, but with their numbers in sharp decline, every little edge up on survival could help stave off extinction.

DIY Bee Watering Station

Whether it’s a bowl of marbles, a pie tin or a self-filling pet-bowl full of rocks, it’s a simple and cheap project that will allow you to do your part in the ongoing struggle with Colony Collapse Disorder.

DIY Bee Watering Station with Rocks

Self Filling Pet Bowl for Bees