SmartFlower Solar Gives You All-In-One Plug and Play Potential For Off Grid Energy!

Image Credit: SmartFlower

By now we all know how big of a role solar panels can play in going off grid. They are the most common choice when you decide on powering your off grid cabin, even more popular than generators due to their longer term cost benefits, but they can have their limitations or simply not fit with the look your going for. Some of the limitations are more related to the storage and not the panels themselves, after all, linking up numerous deep cycle batteries, making sure they remain at optimal efficiency, getting the proper connections and other systems isn’t always best for a novice to try and undertake so you have to hire experts to do a lot of that work for you and it can take days to complete. However there are some solar panel systems that are essentially plug and play setups that are ready to go and that most people can connect all on their own (as long as they follow the instructions).

Image Credit: SmartFlower
Image Credit: SmartFlower

One such system that also has a unique design which may be more pleasing to the eye than bulky rooftop systems is the SmartFlower Solar unit. It looks like a giant flower, with panels that resemble petals, and also follows the sun throughout the day making sure that you are getting all the energy you need to power your home or even business.

There are three options: the SmartFlower Pop, Pop+, and Pop-e and, with the Plus model having an integrated battery system for full off grid capabilities right out of the box (or more likely crate(s) ) and the Pop-e having ports for electric vehicle charging.

With rear ventilation to keep the panels cooler than traditional systems, automatic cleaning via integrated brushes, the ability to monitor wind speeds and fold up to prevent damage in high wind, and smart technology to monitor your energy needs, it is a pretty advanced system, but it can cost you almost double the price of a traditional roof mounted system. However, we have seen prices for solar drop, and that will apply to SmartFlower systems as well, plus they are hoping to get more parts for their systems in the U.S. which would decrease costs over having to import them from Austria (their home base), which means the cost of this system could drop in the near future.