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Volunteer Group of Urban Farmers Is Turning Florida Lawns Into Food

Volunteer Group of Urban Farmers Is Turning Florida Lawns Into Food

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Grow food not lawns! Finally Florida is doing it. An all volunteer group of farmers are going around turning Orlando, Florida lawns into mini-farms. Chris Castro is all about growing food, not lawns. So he’s asking lawn owners to hand over a portion of their lawn to volunteer farmers who will in turn plant gardens full of fruits and veggies! The idea to grow in urban and suburban neighborhoods isn’t new. Urban farms have been popping up inside cities and towns all over the USA, and the world. The “Grow Food, Not Lawns” movement has gained momentum and is probably coming to a city near you.



“”Land is often out of reach for many young people who want to get into agriculture,” Stone says. “But if you eliminate that idea altogether, there really isn’t a barrier to entry.” ~NPR

If you think about it, a lawn is really a waste of space. It’s made to look pretty, neat, clean, and that’s it’s only purpose. Sure kids can play outside, and you might have the odd picnic or weekend grill party, but most lawns, probably 80% or more of them, are never used. The space just sits there and benefits no one except those who just like to look at a nice neat clean lawn.

There’s nothing wrong with a clean lawn, but, it’s honestly kind of a big waste of land and space when you consider how many hundreds of millions of acres o land sit unused as a lawn across the USA. Which is why growing a nice beautiful garden in your yard is such a great idea. Not only does it add to the beauty of the land, it provides food! That is a no-brainer. Grow food, not lawns has become a movement, and millions of people are going to jump in and do this in the coming years.

It’s a good idea, and it brings good fresh produce to the tables of all who sign up.

Let’s hope this catches on.

Grow food, not lawns!


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