NEW Battery Tech Could Power Your Off Grid Cabin For More Than 500 Years

These nanowire-enhanced electrodes can withstand 200,000 cycles without losing capacity. Making the battery essentially last a lifetime before needing replacement. Typical rechargeable batteries in cellphones, computers, and cars only last a few thousand cycles before they can no longer be charged completely and their capacity is severely diminished. At which point you’d need to go buy a new battery. This new battery technology could power computers, cell phones, cars and technically it could power your off grid home with a large enough battery system. They are even saying it could power spacecraft. This is truly space age technology that you could use for your off grid home battery pack!



Imagine a battery pack which powers your home, stores solar energy, that you never have to replace because it lasts so long.

200,000 cycles, (figuring 1 cycle per day; 365 cycles per year = 547.94 years) is the equivalent of just under 550 years of power. WOW!

nanowire batterie gel electrolyte
Gold nanowires were surrounded by an electrodeposited layer of Plexiglas-like gel called propylene carbonate, which has a thickness of between 143 and 300 nanometers. Identical capacitors without the gel show cycle stabilities ranging from 2000 to 8000 cycles. With it, the nanowires stood up to 200,000 recharges.

Source: ComputerWorld

“Thai, the study’s leader, cycled the nanowire-enhanced electrode up to 200,000 times over three months without detecting any loss of capacity or power and without fracturing any nanowires. 

“All nanowire capacitors can be extended from 2000 to 8000 cycles to more than 100,000 cycles, simply by replacing a liquid electrolyte with a… gel electrolyte,” the researchers wrote in their paper.

The result: commercial batteries that could last a lifetime in computers, smartphones, appliances, cars and spacecraft.”  ~ ComputerWorld

This is new technology, still being developed, but it’s promising new off grid battery tech that could be used for sustainable living and homesteading.

Imagine NEVER having to replace your battery bank energy storage system.

Now that’s some serious off grid tech.