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WaterSeer Provides Endless Supply Of Pure Water From Thin Air

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Did you know there is more water in the atmosphere than in all the rivers and freshwater reservoirs on the planet? That’s more than 3100 cubic miles of fresh, clean water!

Nancy Curtis and Don Zacherl of VICI Labs sought to develop a device that could capture atmospheric water for individuals and communities to use. The result, WaterSeer, is a “green, low maintenance, and mobile water solution for any individual or community. WaterSeer™ provides an endless supply of pure water for drinking, agriculture and nature.” This device proves that you really can, in fact, pull water from thin air.


The idea for WaterSeer came up in a conversation between Nancy and Don after Nancy read an article about the hardships of women who walk great distances to collect water that is often contaminated.

As they sat discussing the safe drinking water problem that is prevalent in many areas around the world, Don noticed the amount of condensation gathering on his water glass. Thus, the seed of an idea – to utilize condensation to gather drinkable water – was formed.

The pair worked on designing and improving their concept with the help of a UC Berkeley engineering challenge. They then initiated an Indiegogo campaign last year to fund the research and development of the device. They raised over $337,000 – more than 300 times their goal!


© WaterSeer

How it works

WaterSeer works by utilizing the elements. A thin film solar power module ensures that it runs all day, and the above-ground wind turbine sends air into a condensation chamber. The unit pulls moisture out of that air and uses the natural cooling of the ground to bring the air to its condensation point.

The condensation drips down into the underground reservoir, where it can be extracted through a hose and pump to be used as needed or transferred to a larger water storage reservoir.

Water collected this way is cleaner than tap water, exceeding EPA standards for purity. Unlike community water systems, with WaterSeer there is no elaborate infrastructure, filtration, or chemical purification required!


© WaterSeer

Since WaterSeer extracts water from the air, it can be used by anyone, anywhere on the planet. It can be tailored to almost any climate and is scalable for agricultural or community use.

This is a brilliant concept that could change the lives of millions of people if it develops to the point that it is easily accessible and affordable.

WaterSeer™ Indiegogo from DESIGN ALLIANCE on Vimeo.

We will never be satisfied until all people have water security and independence that they need to thrive because they have an abundance of clean water. This spirit ensures that we always challenge the status quo. Because of our efforts, future generations will get water in a unique way. And they will wonder why it was ever provided any other way.



WaterSeer is currently in the prototype phase, having undergone several tests over the summer. More tests in various climates around the world will be underway soon. We will be keeping tabs on progress, as it will be very exciting to see how this idea progresses.