Who Made this Gorgeous Lord of the Rings Fire Ring?

Who made this gorgeous Lord of the Rings fire ring? I was doing research on how to build a fire pit on my off grid ranch and ran across this awesomely cool and beautiful Lord of the Rings fire ring! “One ring to rule them all.” I scoured the internet looking for the creator and obviously talented artist who created it, but to no avail. Everyone else it seems loves this LOTR fire ring too since it’s been shared on every image sharing website from Pinterest, Tumblr, and social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Thousands of shares, yet no credit link or website that I can find that says who made it or what company (if any) manufactures it.


Can someone out there in internet land please let us know who made this wonderfully gorgeous work of art so we can give credit to the artist or company that made it?

We also want one! Like… We really, really want one. 😉

Please let us know in the comments!

UPDATE: It’s on Etsy: Amazing Firepit