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World’s First Dual Purpose Solar System Generates Electricity & Heat

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This integrated rooftop solar system could be the future of solar energy. Combining PV and thermal systems creates a dual purpose solar roof which produces electricity and heat for the building.

Though it’s in testing phase and not yet on the commercial market, this solar system hold great promise for the future of clean renewable energy.

Integrated Solar System

Image: Renew Economy

The rooftop array combines thin-film solar photovoltaic (PV) panels with a solar thermal duct system that warms and cools the air. The top layer produces electricity from the sun just as a normal PV panel would, while heat is trapped between the layers and distributed to the home. SOURCE: Inhabitat

If you’re going to install a solar system on your home, it makes sense to combine multiple technologies which compliment one another. The logistical genius of this solar roof is a no-brainer for the distinguishing off gridder who wants more bang for their solar dollar.