1 Million Pounds of Food on 3 Acres of Land!

growing power aquaponics

1 MILLION pounds of food! Imagine growing 1 Million Pounds of Food on 3 Acres of Land. It’s possible, and one man is doing it NOW! Will Allen of Growing Power has designed an aquaponics growing system covering a 3 acre farm that produces a massive amount of food.

growing power aquaponics4

If you average it out over the 3 acres, that 1 Million pounds of food equates to 333,333.33 pounds of fresh organically grown food per acre per year! Can you imagine?

growing power aquaponics

So why are we doing this all over the world? Would an abundance of healthy organically grown food be too threatening to the powers that be who control our food supply?

“…Growing power seems to have a winning combo going. I underestimated what they are doing. Based on the information in these videos, IF true, then on 3 acres they are producing 1,000,000 pounds of food each year! How are they doing this? Well, based on the information given in the video…

10,000 fish
300-500 yards worm compost
3 acres of land in green houses
Grow all year using heat from compost piles.
Using vertical space

A packed greenhouse produces a crop value of $5 Square Foot! ($200,000/acre)…”
SOURCE: Youtube

Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/growingpower
Growing Power: http://www.growingpower.org/index.htm


  1. […] Read about this man, who can grow a million pounds of organic good on 3 acres! Now, back to the homestead. There has been, over the past 6 years, many times when I have shared a picture of a crop I grew that was extraordinary in size. We grow all organic, we use no chemical fertilizers at all. We also grow heirloom crops. We grow no hybrids and certainly no GMO crops. What we do employ is hand picking off bad pests, companion planting, raised bed gardening as well as in ground and we raise rabbits which produces a large amount of rabbit manure we use IN the garden. We also compost everything including our own human waste and yes, we use that in the garden after a few years of composting/decaying. What are the results? Well take a look at these Kennebec potatoes we pulled from one of our raised beds this morning. […]