1440sqft 3BR 1BA Shipping Container Home with Living Roof and 4000 Watt Solar Power System

1440sqft 3BR 1BA Shipping Container Home with Living Roof & 4000 Watt Solar Power System

1440sqft Shipping Container Home Design

This is a MOD of my original 1280sqft shipping container home design, with an increase of 160sqft by spreading the containers apart another 4 feet to make the common area between containers 20’x40′ (800sqft).

This increases the overall total livable area of the home to 1440sqft.

1440sqft 3BR 1BA Shipping Container Home with Living Roof


VAULTED CEILING: The ceiling has been modified to increase the overall height to 12 feet, giving the  interior space a more open feel. With the addition of large glass windows on either end of the building and 4 smaller windows on the rear of the home above the loft, it allows more light to enter the living area thereby decreasing the need for powered lighting.

4500 WATT SOLAR ROOF: The most notable design aspect of the home is the sloped SOUTH facing roof which is equipped with 18, 250 Watt solar panels. The roof is angled at approximately 40 degrees to maximize the direct sunlight.

1440sqft Shipping Container Home Design With Living Roof

640sqft LIVING ROOF: Another sustainable living aspect is the living roof. The flat surface area of the roof of the shipping containers makes for the perfect area to grow a living roof. The structure of the container needs to be reinforced to support the added weight of the plants/grass and soil if any.

1440sqft Shipping Container Home with Living Roof

SOLAR + FARMING: This is a great use of space and basically turns the home into a practical tool instead of just a shelter. The home becomes an energy machine, and a small garden. The total area covered by garden is about 640sqft.

This home is designed to be efficient and while producing food and energy, and the modern design makes it more attractive to those with contemporary taste in home design.

1440sqft Shipping Container Home

SUN DECK: One could essentially modify the loft (north) side of the roof as a sun-deck by simply adding railing and a staircase to reach the roof area.

AFFORDABLE: Affordability is relative, however, because this home uses recycled used shipping containers as the base for the modular design, one could build something similar for less than $50k in materials and equipment, including the solar power system and living roof.

The possibilities and potential practical uses for this design are nearly limitless.


  1. can I ask about the suitable material for the roof under the solar panel and also the material for the vaulted ceiling?
    Btw, how do you joint the existing wall of the shipping crate with the vaulted ceiling?