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40+ Free Seed Catalogs

40+ Free Seed Catalogs

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You know what one of the best things about winter is? When it finally comes to an end. Ok, not really. The best part of winter is free seed catalogs! They start showing up in the mailbox around Christmas, like toy catalogs for kids, but so much more exciting!

When February rolls around bringing blowing snow and single-digit temps, and you’re convinced it’s the longest – not shortest – month of the year, the catalogs offer up some hope for the warm weather bound to come. Just cozy up under a blanket and get lost in page after page of plant photos, dreaming about the coming spring and planning your garden.  

One thing I love about seed catalogs is that they aren’t just for ordering seeds. They usually offer a ton of inspiration for gardens suited to different climates. Some even sell live plants and trees, rare edibles, and gardening equipment.

My favorite catalogs give in-depth information about each seed/plant they sell along with beautiful photos, tips for growing, and even a backstory on where the seed came from. If you have some seed catalogs already, you know what I’m talking about. If not, or if you need a few more (you can never have too many!), I’ve compiled a list of 40+ free seed catalogs you can order now or view online. 

Free seed catalogs

Free Seed Catalogs

Many of the catalogs in this list are from heirloom seed companies and some also offer organic and hybrid seeds. If you need a little refresher on what exactly all that means, see this article about the differences between heirloom, organic, and hybrid seeds

My favorite seed companies top this list. I am not affiliated with any of them, but they have earned their places at the top for their beautiful and informative catalogs, seed varieties, and quality of plants and seeds that I (and my family members) have received from them. This list will be continuously updated, so be sure to bookmark it! Here they are – over 40 seed catalogs you can request by mail or view online! 

My 5 Favorite Seed Companies 

1. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Baker Creek SeedsI have ordered a lot of seeds from Baker Creek. I think they singlehandedly made me a seed hoarder. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, right?

I love Baker Creek’s beautiful catalogs and the detailed information they provide about each of their plant seeds. Many of the seeds have their own story so you know exactly how each plant variety came to be. 

Baker Creek has heirloom vegetable, herb and flower seeds. Request a free catalog.


2. Seed Savers Exchange


seed savers catalog

Seed Savers Exchange is another one of my favorite seed companies. They are a nonprofit dedicated to collecting, growing, and sharing heirloom seeds for future generations. Their catalog is full of planting and growing tips, recipes, and beautiful photos. 

Seed savers offers heirloom, untreated, non-hybrid, non-GMO vegetable, herb, and flower seeds as well as trees sand transplants. Request a free catalog or view the digital catalog online


3. Stark Bro’s Nurseries & Orchards


Stark Bro's seed catalogStark Bro’s has been around more than 200 years. They specialize in fruit trees but sell a wide variety of trees, shrubs, garden plants, and seeds. My sister has ordered fruit trees from Stark Bro’s suitable for our cold northern climate and has been very happy with the quality and experience. 

At this time it looks like Stark Bro’s only offers their digital catalog for free. To order a paper catalog, you can pay $5 and they’ll send you the catalog along with a $5 credit off your first purchase. Request a print catalog or download a free digital catalog

4. Annie’s Heirloom Seeds


Annie's Heirloom Seed catalogAnnie’s sells high-quality heirloom vegetable, flower, and herb seeds. They extensively test the seeds they sell and insist on high germination rates and those that the founders have had success growing in their own home garden. Their seeds are sourced from around the world, with many from the U.S.   

One of the fun features about Annie’s is the pre-packaged garden packs you can choose from if you aren’t sure where to start – everything from a beginner’s garden to a salsa garden!  Request a free catalog or download the digital catalog

5. Botanical Interests


Botanical Interests seed catalogBotanical Interests started their company with a goal to inspire and educate gardeners. That goal is reflected in their beautiful seed packets, which are covered in art, garden history, landscape ideas, tips, recipes, and fun facts. Their seed selection includes vegetables, flowers, and herbs.  

The 2020 catalogs are only available as a digital version at the time of this writing, but be sure to get on the mailing list to ensure you get the next print catalog. Request a catalog


35+ More Free Seed Catalogs

Adaptive Seeds – adaptiveseeds.com

A certified organic, farm-based seed company in the Pacific Northwest selling vegetable, flower, and herb seeds. Request a catalog or download the digital catalog

Bluestone Perennials – bluestoneperennials.com

Perennial nursery with beautiful perennials, shrubs, and ornamental grasses. The website has a handy plant finder tool to search for perennials by color, bloom time, and climate. Request a catalog.  

Burgess Seed & Plant Co – eburgess.com

Garden plants, seeds, bulbs, and gardening supplies with convenient search features on their website based on your growing zone and other preferences. Request a catalog

Burpee – burpee.com

A familiar name in the seed industry for over a century. Vegetable, flower, herb, fruit, and heirloom seeds. Request a catalog or download the digital catalog

Burrell Seed Growers – burrellseeds.us 

Colorado’s oldest seed house, dedicated to preserving heirlooms and offering new varieties. Heirloom and hybrid flower, herb, fruit, and vegetable seeds. Request a catalog.

Dutch Gardens – dutchgardens.com

Beautiful bulbs, perennials, ornamental plants, trees, shrubs, and roses for every garden. Request a catalog

Farmer Seed and Nursery – farmerseed.com

Herb and vegetable seeds, flower seeds, bulbs, trees, and container plants at low prices. Request a catalog

Fedco – fedcoseeds.com

Specializing in cold-hardy plant varieties suited to northern climates. Seeds, potatoes, onions, trees, and bulbs. Request a catalog

Garden seeds

Four Seasons Nursery – 4seasonsnurseries.com

Not technically a seed company, Four Seasons has low-priced potted plants and nursery stock including bulbs, perennials, trees, shrubs, roses, and some edibles. Request a catalog

Gurney’s Seed & Nursery – gurneys.com

Another well-known name in the seed industry, founded in 1866. Vegetable and flower seeds, supplies, and nursery stock. Request a catalog

Harris Seeds – harrisseeds.com

Vegetable and flower seeds, plants and bulbs, and some organic seed varieties. They offer four different free catalogs – ornamental growers, vegetables & cut flowers, organic seeds, and garden trends. Request a catalog

Heirloom Seeds – heirloomseeds.com

Heirloom Seeds is a sister company to Baker Creek. They offer several of their popular herb, vegetable, fruit, and flower seeds in bulk quantities for market growers. Request a catalog

High Mowing Organic Seeds – highmowingseeds.com

Over 600 heirloom and hybrid vegetable, fruit, flower, and herb seeds. Many are sourced from independent organic farmers. Request a catalog.   

Jackson & Perkins – jacksonandperkins.com

Specializes in roses, but also offers annual and perennial flowers, bulbs, trees and shrubs, and other garden accessories. Request a catalog.  

Johnny’s Selected Seeds – johnnyseeds.com

Organic, heirloom, and hybrid vegetable, fruit, herb, and flower seeds. Also offers farm seed, tools, and supplies. Request a catalog

Jung Seed – jungseed.com

Large selection of non-GMO and organic vegetable and herb seeds, fruit trees, bulbs, garden plants, and roses. You can visit Jung’s garden centers if you live in Wisconsin. Otherwise, request a catalog

NE Seed – neseed.com

Non-GMO Conventional, organic, heirloom, and hybrid vegetable, flower, and herb seeds. NE Seeds sells to both home gardeners and commercial growers. Request a catalog.  

Park Seed Co – parkseed.com

Park Seed has been in business for more than 150 years. They have a huge variety of vegetable and flower organic and heirloom seeds, herb seds, fruits, and garden-ready plants. Request a catalog

Pinetree Garden Seeds – superseeds.com

Over 1300 varieties of seeds, including heirlooms and organics, as well as garden supplies, live plants, soap making supplies, and more. Request a catalog

Prairie Nursery – prairienursery.com

Native plants and seeds to help customers create sustainable landscapes. Wildflowers, shrubs, vines, ferns, and grasses. Request a catalog.  

Raintree Nursery – raintreenursery.com

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Raintree specializes in a unique variety of edibles. Fruit trees, rootstocks, berries, vines, nut trees, and ornamentals. Download a catalog

Free seed catalogs

Renee’s Garden Seeds – reneesgarden.com

Heirloom and gourmet vegetable, flower, and herb seeds. Each variety is hand-selected and tested, chosen for great flavor and productivity. View the online catalog

Richter’s Herbs – richters.com

Canadian-based herb nursery with herb seeds, dried herbs, potted herbs, and garden supplies. Also plenty of resources for herb growers. Request a catalog

Seeds of Change – seedsofchange.com

Dedicated to making organically-grown seeds available to gardens and farmers. Vegetable, herb, and flower seeds. Download the digital catalog

Select Seeds – selectseeds.com

Extensive collection of flower seeds and plants, specializing in heirloom flowers, bee-friendly plants, and rare annuals and perennials. Request a catalog

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange – southernexposure.com

Emphasizing plant varieties that perform well in the mid-Atlantic and Southeast. About 800 varieties of vegetable, flower, herb, and grain seeds with about 60% certified organic. Request a catalog

Sow True Seed – sowtrueseed.com

Over 500 varieties of vegetable, herb, and flower seeds. Heirlooms, organics, and small farmer-grown seeds. Request a catalog

Stokes Seeds – stokeseeds.com

Sells to home gardeners and commercial growers. Vegetable, flower, and herb seeds along with some potted plants. Request a catalog

Strictly Medicinal Seeds – strictlymedicinalseeds.com

Based in Oregon, proving “seeds nourished by homegrown compost, pure mountain air and water, love and breath.” Organic, GMO-free medicinal herb seeds, rare seeds, vegetable seeds, and tree seeds. Request a catalog

Territorial Seed Company – territorialseed.com

Vegetable, flower and herb seeds, fruit seeds, vines, garlic, potatoes, and garden supplies. Territorial also offers a selection of organic and heirloom seeds. Request a catalog

Totally Tomatoes – totallytomatoes.com

Heirloom and hybrid tomato, pepper, vegetable, herb, and fruit seeds. Also has a selection of garden-ready plants. Paper catalogs cost $3, and with it you will receive a code for $3 off your first order. Request a catalog.  

Urban Farmer – ufseeds.com

Hundreds of varieties of non-GMO and organic seeds. Vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruits, wildflowers, and cover crops. Request a catalog.  

Free seed catalogs

Vermont Bean – vermontbean.com

Wisconsin-based nursery with vegetable, herb, and fruit seeds, beans, and some live plants. Request a catalog

West Coast Seeds – westcoastseeds.com

High quality, untreated seeds for home gardeners and market growers. Vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruits, cover crops, and ornamental grasses. Request a catalog

Wild Garden Seed – wildgardenseed.com

Organic seed farm located in the Pacific Northwest. Farm-original varieties of vegetable, herb, and flower seeds. Request a catalog

Wildseed Farms – wildseedfarms.com

The nation’s largest wildflower farm covering 200 acres in Texas. Wildflower, native grass, and herb seeds. View the digital catalog

Willhite Seed Inc – willhiteseed.com

A century ago, Whillhite specialized in melon seeds. Today they offer a variety of non-GMO vegetable, herb, and flower seeds, beans, and gardening supplies. Request a catalog or download a digital catalog.    

Garden seeds

That should give you a place to start when it comes to catalogs! 😉 Again, this list will be kept up-to-date and we will add new catalogs as we find them. Happy gardening! 


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40 free seed catalogs

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