Cozy Log Cabin Built For Less Than $500

This cabin was built for less than $500. It shows what can be done with very little money, some help from friends, and good old fashioned hard work. I would be proud to live in this little cabin and call it home. It’s built well, and is perfect for even a small family living frugally.


Wonderful example of cabin building and craftsmanship from an amateur builder. Who I might add, is no longer an amateur. This build took some time, but you can’t beat it for the price.

“This simple, but cozy bush cabin was constructed in my spare time, and was completed in 8 months. My youth group, and several people from my church were a huge help.”

Cabin details:
– I have no previous experience in construction, only a passion to learn and build.
– The cabin is 10’x10′. While the roof section is 11’x16′
– It has 52 logs, approximately 25 inches in circumference at the base. I left them with the bark on.
– It only cost me $15 worth of gas, and $30 worth of oil to build the entire cabin with my chainsaw.
– The floor is set on 9 patio stones, with 2″x4″s for support, and 2.25″ thick rough-cut Poplar floor boards on top.
– I made square notches in the logs, which I found to be a sturdy way to fit the logs together.
– We didn’t use any machinery (except for a chainsaw). Just good ol’ fashioned man power.
– I used a heavy-duty tarp to cover the roof.
– To fill the gaps between the logs I used brown-coloured insulation. Not the best way to fill the gaps, but it’s certainly cheap, quick, and efficient.
– Since the cabin is small, I didn’t place it on any footings. The logs are sitting directly on the level ground. I’ll see in the years to come, how well the cabin holds up. But it’s already lasted through a whole winter and spring without shifting, which is good.

Kudos to a job well done on this cool little cabin.


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