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The Tudor Micro Cottage on Wheels

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If you like Tudor-style homes, you’ll love this incredible micro cottage on wheels! This whimsical, charming Tudor-style tiny house, built by Steve Auth and Scott Marshall of Wooly Wagons, looks like something straight out of a storybook.

Tudor micro cottage

Images via Wooly wagons

Based in Russiaville, Indiana, Woolywagons debuted in 2008 when Steve began building sheep wagon conversions (hence the name Woolywagons) and gypsy wagons. He later invited Scott to the team and together they build beautifully unique custom tiny homes.

Take a closer look inside this home and the impressive craftsmanship that went into the build is evident.

Popularized in America in the late 1800s to early 1900s, Tudor homes are based on a mix of Medieval and Renaissance styles.

According to Wentworth Studio, Tudor homes are “characterized by their steeply pitched gable roofs, playfully elaborate masonry chimneys (often with chimney pots), embellished doorways, groupings of windows, and decorative half-timbering (this last an exposed wood framework with the spaces between the timbers filled with masonry or stucco).”

Tudor micro cottage

Wooly Wagons

Every little detail of this little home showcases the builders’ attention to the Tudor style, from the stucco walls to the arched door and windows that beautifully contrast the angles of the home.

This tiny house features custom wood seating areas, plenty of storage spaces, a pull-out table, and a composting toilet. Steve and Scott pride themselves on their custom work, suiting each project to their clients’ desires.

Woolywagon homes are aluminum-framed, making them lightweight and portable. They can be equipped with solar panels and other off grid amenities as needed.

Tudor micro cottage

Wooly Wagons

With a mix of old-time charm and modern convenience, Woolywagons are the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Our custom gypsy wagons, tiny houses, guest houses and sheep wagons have spray foam insulation and are built from sturdy, lightweight aluminum, making them strong and durable.WOOLY WAGONS

If you’re going to go tiny, these homes are surely a unique way to do it! Visit Wooly Wagons to see this and more of their impressive creations.

Via Tiny House Talk