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DIY Kitchen Aquaponic System Grows a Meal a Day

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This aquaponic setup, called Malthus, was designed by Conceptual Devices as an indoor kitchen garden concept that will grow approximately one meal a day – a fish and side salad – once the fish and produce are mature.  

The finished setup is about the size of 2 small refrigerators and the parts to build it can be found at most home improvement stores.


© Conceptual Devices

The tank in this setup holds about 400 liters (105 gallons) and will support fish like tilapia, salmon, or carp. It holds three grow beds above the tank where vegetables can be planted.  

At the top of the grow beds is a LED light hood. This design was created to optimize space and costs with indoor food production.



© Conceptual Devices

The beauty of aquaponics systems is that the fish and the vegetables have a symbiotic relationship – the fish provide fertilizer to the plants as the water from the tank is pumped up through the grow beds, and in turn, the plants filter the water for the fish as it is drained back down into the tank.  

The graphic below is a good visual of how this type of setup works.


© Conceptual Devices


See the full article on the Malthus setup at Conceptual Devices, where they also include a full, detailed list of materials needed to build this system.