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What Does Living Off The Grid Mean To You?

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“Living Off The Grid”. It’s a phrase that brings with it myriad connotations, interpretations, and definitions. Suffice it to say it’s a subjective phrase, and open to personal views, and goals. Technically it means living disconnected from the electrical grid. But most people take it much further than that. It’s a lifestyle.



Off grid living is a way of life that covers everything from growing your own food, being self-sufficient, and creating a safe and secure homestead, free from the confines of modern-day utilities, and debt.

For some, it’s about making your living from the land you live on. Being one with nature, and living a life that’s in tune with the universe.


Whether you are a proud farmer, rancher, hippy, or high technologist, living off the grid is an end game goal.

Being free, self-sufficient, and living sustainably. Would you say this is an accurate description of what it means to live off the grid?

Tell us what “Living Off The Grid” means to you.