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Gorgeous Solar Powered Off Grid Shipping Container Cabin For $58k

Gorgeous Solar Powered Off Grid Shipping Container Cabin For $58k

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Solar powered off grid shipping container home is 355 square feet of off grid splendor. Canadian builder Joseph Dupuis works at Algonquin College in Ottawa as a researcher on renewable energy. He built this solar powered masterpiece and lives in it. Oh, and it’s for sale too! You could own it for $58k plus shipping.

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“Self Sustainable Off Grid shipping Container Cabin. I designed and constructed a 355 square foot cabin utilizing three 20 foot shipping containers. The cabin is fully insulated, heated by an in-floor radiant heating system (propane fired hotwater tank for heating purposes and domestic water), and a wood stove.  The cabin has a full kitchen and shower with a rough in opening for a future compostable toilet.  The cabin is designed to be dismantled, moved and erected in a new location with limited resources and time. The Solar system, included 9 solar panels (235 watts each), mounting array, inverter, controller and 27 volt battery bank. If you have any more question please feel free to contact me by email or phone.” ~Self Sustainable Off Grid shipping Container Cabin

S7vn Photography
S7vn Photography
S7vn Photography

S7vn Photography
S7vn Photography
S7vn Photography
S7vn Photography
S7vn Photography

As you can see the interior looks nothing like the outside suggests. It’s designed to be portable which means you can ship it to your property just about anywhere in the world. The whole thing is a ready-made off grid cabin which is self sufficient. If you’ve got a well, you can hook it up to water.

“Up to -42 degree Celsius temps.” ~Buzzfeed

For those worried about insulation, and thinking that shipping container homes are cold…The heating is provided by a wood stove which keep this cabin nice and toasty warm in the winter time. As evidenced by the photo above.

This is pretty much the perfect little off grid cabin. You can buy it here.

Would you live here?


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