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How To Build a Tiny House Utopia for Family & Friends

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They say when it rains it pours and let me tell you that this was the point in which it started pouring, metaphorically or otherwise.

Just when we were in the midst of windows, frames, soffets, fascias, wine, plans and tea, Ross sprained his ankle.  Heck, it might actually be broken – we still haven’t gone to the doctor for it. Hey, there was no health insurance at this point…

Not only did Ross hurt himself, the green truck took a rather bad turn and, just to remind us of silver linings, some itty baby seedlings began to sprout: Future food!!!!



Here, we took some much needed time to sit back and breathe.  Clearly we were in too much of a hurry and something was suggesting we take it easy.  At this point we were so exhausted we had begun looking for reasons to fight so sleeping in a morning or two couldn’t hurt.

It didn’t last long.

Soon thereafter we were back up and whooshing through the interior of the house, the electricity, the road and the water all simultaneously.  We certainly had enough hands to conquer all!

 I learned to use a Skid Steer and giggled like a mad woman all the while because I totally need one of my very own. 



I learned how to wire those little boxes that the plugs to into (so I didn’t learn all the names/terminology) and how all of that worked back there.  I laid a floor and helped build a door, walls and shelving.  I can proudly say I did a large chunk of the interior work; tongue, groove and all!

A stain later we were ready to move in.


When was the last time you moved?

It’s just as awful now as it was the first time.

Did I mention it chose to rain while we were trying to beat the clock?  Some stuff arrived… wet. 

Everything was in a constant state of stress and disarray at first, but it didn’t take us long to change our tunes.



Within the first day of moving we realized, however, that not only had we moved to Paradise but we were now in a position to be “glamping” our days away!

Everything felt magical (it still does) and different.

If you’ve made it this far you’ve made it to the end (check further back in the blog if you didn’t for the beginning of the adventures!) so thanks for coming to join in our adventures!

Here are some pictures of the finished product of the Tiny House, Utopia


And, of course, the Narwhal Bar and Grill


That’s it!  That’s how you build a tiny house!  Stay tuned for how this works out for me!