Spectacular Tiny Cabin is Off Grid Luxury on a Budget

off grid tiny house

This gorgeous tiny cabin is an inspiring example of how luxurious living in a tiny home can really be. Built on a 14′ x 6′ flatbed trailer by craftsman Handmade Matt, the portable cabin is a modest 84 square feet, but includes a full kitchen and bathroom, front deck and garden area, and beautiful interior.  

The cabin was built for about £3,000 (about $5k) from a mixture of new and recycled materials. Matt says it could have been built for much less, but this creation “is in a league of its own”.

Tiny cabinSolar powered cabin

The home is completely off the grid, with LED lights powered by a 490-watt solar array.  A wood stove provides heat and the bathroom has a composting toilet.

As you can see in these photos, the cabin sits next to a yurt on the property. The cabin is used primarily as cooking and bathroom facilities for the yurt, but would function perfectly as its own residence.  

Tiny cabin kitchen

Tiny cabin interior

Polystyrene sheeting, an inexpensive but effective option, was used to insulate the cozy little home. The walls are covered in gorgeous tongue and groove wood that was obtained for free from Freecycle.

Inside a tiny cabin

Tiny house kitchen

See Matt’s blog for step-by-step pictures on the creation of this cabin, along with more images of the stunning little details that went into the building of his home.

Tiny house bathroom

Tiny house bathroom

 “Here is a cabin which I have built on a flat bed, twin axle trailer. It serves as both a transport method and as facilites for a yurt. It has a fully equipped kitchen with oven, hob grill, fridge, sink, as well as a bathroom and a compost toilet, all with hot and cold running water. It is completely Off Grid with a solar array and bottled propane for water heating and cooking along with a wood burning stove for heat.”

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off grid tiny cabin