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UN Warns of 40 Percent Water Shortfall by 2030

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The world could face a 40% water shortfall by 2030 if we don’t drastically reduce the amount of water we are consuming and use more efficient water management systems.

UN Warns of 40% Water Shortage by 2030

“Many underground water reserves are already running low, while rainfall patterns are predicted to become more erratic with climate change. As the world’s population grows to an expected 9 billion by 2050, more groundwater will be needed for farming, industry, and personal consumption.” NYT 

“Unless the balance between demand and finite supplies is restored, the world will face an increasingly severe global water deficit,” the annual World Water Development Report said’ NYT



“Urgent need to manage water more sustainably,” says report


This is why we promote recycling and reusing of water in agriculture. It’s the only way to be sustainable. Our very lives depend on water. Literally, and for the food we grow to eat. Water gives us both hydration and nourishment through the food it helps us grow.

Help preserve water by finding new and more efficient ways to use water.