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Ingenious Upcycling: Wood Pallets Become a Gorgeous Front Porch

Ingenious Upcycling: Wood Pallets Become a Gorgeous Front Porch

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Wood pallets are abundant and can be recycled into all kinds of useful, beautiful things. We’ve seen them turned into compost bins, tiny houses, furniture, and vertical gardens. But have you ever seen a pallet porch? We are always on the lookout for innovative, upcycled creations, and this is one of the coolest ways we’ve seen to use old pallets. 

These homeowners of Redo Redux took grungy old wood pallets that they got for free and turned them into a gorgeous front porch.

Upcycled pallet porch

Images via Redo Redux

The image above shows what the porch looked like before replacing it. It was an old, cracked, sagging concrete slab. Perhaps similar to your own front porch? I had one just like it. 

After someone gave the couple a load of wood pallets, they got the idea to use them to refinish the porch. But they didn’t just lay the pallets down over the concrete; a lot more work went into the project. They took apart each pallet and ran each board through a planer, which uncovered the hidden beauty of the boards.

Upcycled pallet porchPlaning the boards revealed that they were made from all different kinds of beautiful hardwoods. Though not all pallets are made with this high-quality wood, they can be obtained if you know where to look. Pallets made for shipping large items like doors are often better quality wood than those used to ship smaller items.

Upcycled pallet porchAfter being installed and leveled, the porch was stained a gorgeous dark walnut color. What a beautiful result!

Upcycled pallet porchLeftover wood was used to make a step area to cover up an ugly concrete patch next to the porch. This project turned out absolutely gorgeous, and is an inspiring example of what can be made out of materials that would otherwise be thrown away.

To see more about the process of building the porch, see the Redo Redux blog.



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Upcycled pallet porch

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