Living Off Grid Doesn’t Mean “Primitive Living”

Mars One - The Ultimate Off Grid Community

HIGH TECH OFF GRID LIVING: There are always purists in any group of people, club or niche area of interest. Everyone, it seems, has an opinion, and somehow they believe their opinion is the one that counts and is correct.

Contrary to a small but strong belief, one need not become a recluse or deny themselves the benefit and enjoyment of high technology when living off the grid.

Some folks believe that to ‘properly’ go “OFF GRID” one must disconnect completely from modern-day society. In their view, that also means not just disconnecting from the current electrical grid, refraining from using the technology we have available to us now.

Living off grid is not primitive

I personally think this is a silly, closed-minded opinion from a small group of purists who would rather disconnect completely, rather than simply removing themselves from the grid itself. This group of folks deserve to have their opinion respected, but that doesn’t entitle them to impose their opinion on others or to dictate how the rest of us live our lives off grid.

WHY?! Why in the world would you deny yourself the lifestyle you can have living off the grid with high technology? Why in the world would someone completely disconnect from society unless they themselves have a problem with society itself?

You need not become a hermit or live in a cave to enjoy living your life off grid. However, there’s nothing wrong with that. For them personally. 

Off grid is not primitive

Perspective is Everything

Sometimes to make a point, you have to show someone something from a different perspective to open their mind to new and exciting things. As such, to demonstrate an extreme view of off grid living using high technology, one need not look any further than the space industry.

I’ve said it before:

You can’t get more “off grid” than another planet!

Mars One – The Ultimate Off Grid Community

Mars One - The Ultimate Off Grid Community


Complete with solar power, shelters, climate-controlled gardens, rovers, and spacesuits. This is truly the ultimate off grid lifestyle, and utilizes the highest technology available.

You and I will probably never be able to experience living on another planet, however, from this perspective, it shows what is possible if we think outside our comfort zone.

We can still be connected to the internet, use solar power, cell phones, satellite, GPS, and every other piece of technology that make life easier. We can still have all the luxuries we have now, and not be connected to the electrical grid. We’re connected to the grid now because we rely on the electric companies to provide our electric power and water companies to provide water. And now we have the ability to not be dependent on the grid.

That is, after all, the whole reason we developed the technology to begin with.

Think outside… no box required.


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